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Danielle Caputo //



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Location // Oakley, CA


My Name is Danielle, and I am married with children, a lot of them actually (four), so I am always busy and on the go. Thats part of the reason why I love oil life so much, helps keep me sane and focused! Most of the day I am #momlife but for fun I love to read and write and do pilates. 

I also love to make bath and body products with essential oils, EO's make everyday products magical! I started using essential oils for help with insomnia but shortly began using oils for almost anything. Headache, anxiety, pick me up in the middle of a long day, whatever.. It is awesome to be able to make an oil blend for a friend and hearing amazing feed back. I love sharing my love for oils with others. Its easy to do, If you ever have a question or need help finding the perfect blend for you, please feel free to contact me and we can chat about the perfect blend of oils just for you!  



Can't wait for you to join our Collective!

Instagram // @dandylyons