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What is an EO? //

What is an essential oil?

Essential oils are the concentrated, aromatic, volatile liquid
that is extracted from a wide range of plant life
(including flowers,
leaves, grasses, fruits, roots, herbs, wood, bark, gums, bulbs,
dried flower buds, seeds, and tree blossoms).


chamomile copy.jpg

How DO we get the oils out of the plants?

There are a few ways!  The means of getting the oil out of the plant matter is called extraction. The most common ways include:

- Steam distillation
- Cold pressing/expression
- Hydro-distillation
- Solvent extraction
- Fractional distillation
- Enfleurage


What Method(s) does YouNg  LIving Use?

Steam distillation and cold pressing are the preferable methods because they produce the most pure, unaltered essential oils. These are the methods that Young Living uses! 

blue oil.jpg

DistilLation Levels (and why it matters)

Something else that we want to look for in our oils is that they are from the First-Distillation.

The different levels are:
1st, 2nd 3rd and Complete.

The most medicinal and beneficial constituents (natural chemicals that make up an individual oil) are extracted from the plants via gentle and precisely timed FIRST distillation.

Young Living's is all about first distillation oils, baby! #onlythebest